Tree Transplanting

One of Phil’s favorite projects is the transplantation and relocation of large shrubs and trees. He derives great personal satisfaction in saving a plant that would otherwise be cut down. We have been relocating plants for twenty-five years with great success. Some of the steps we take to insure successful establishment of a transplant are:

  • Determine current health of specimen and feasibility of relocation
  • Soil tests of existing soils and relocation site soils.
  • Pre-care when time allows (soil modification, water management, nutrients).
  • Hand shaping and tying of the root ball.
  • Careful, time tested relocation techniques.
  • After care programs (soil modification, water management, nutrients).

Don’t assume that a plant you enjoy must be removed to make way for construction. Contact us for a consultation before you commit to removing a plant you would like to save.